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Youth Tobacco Cessation

Special Issue of the American Journal of Health Behavior
Volume 27, Supplement 2, 2003
Guest Editor: Susan J. Curry, PhD, HYSQ Program Director

Youth tobacco cessation: filling the gap between what we do and what we know
Curry SJ. 
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S99-S1102.

Youth Tobacco Cessation Collaborative and National Blueprint for Action
Orleans CT, Arkin EB, Backinger CL, Best A, Crossett L, Grossman D, Husten C, Malarcher A, Marshall T, Maule CO, Thornton AH.
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S103-S119.  

A comparison of review methods in tobacco prevention and control guidelines
Hopkins DP, Briss PA.
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S120-S131.

Application of a better practices framework to review youth tobacco use cessation
Maule CO, Moyer CA, Lovato CY.
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S132-S143.

Better practices for youth tobacco cessation: evidence of review panel
McDonald P, Colwell B, Backinger CL, Husten C, Maule CO.
Am J Health Behav.
2003;27(Suppl 2):S144-S158.

Recommendations and guidance for practice in youth tobacco cessation
Milton MH, Maule CO, Backinger CL, Gregory DM.
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S159-S169.

Improving the future of youth smoking cessation
Backinger CL, McDonald P, Ossip-Klein DJ, Colby SM, Maule CO, Fagan P, Husten C, Colwell B.
Am J Health Behav. 2003;27(Suppl 2):S170-S184.

Copyright 2003 by PNG Publications. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher. For information about the American Journal of Health Behavior, see


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